Jazz preparation

Is our introduction jazz exam class which caters for 6-8 year olds as well as beginner dancers. This class focuses on building a strong foundation of jazz technique in a fun and encouraging environment.


Jazz Beginners

Is an exam class and is targeted at 8-12 year olds. This class works on building up jazz principles building up rhythm, technique and performance. It is encouraged that they have sat one of the beginning exam grades.


Jazz Intermediate One

Is an exam class cater for experience dancers and is targeted to 11year olds plus. Dancers need to have sat grade four prefer to being in a jazz intermediate class. This class continued to develop technique, stretch and flexibility.


Jazz Intermediate Two


Jazz Advanced

Is a more complex open class that requires previous jazz experience, this is aimed at 16-20 year olds. Jazz Advanced aims to build up technique, flexibility and performance skills whilst learning a range of styles and extending one another.


Jazz Open

Is an open class that is aimed at 12-16 year olds, it focuses on building up confidence and working on technique in a fun and safe environment. This class explores a range of styles within Jazz to create well rounded jazz dancers.