Contemporary Preparation

Is our foundation contemporary class for those new to the genre and to dance. This class is aimed towards 8-12 year olds and works on the basics of contemporary principles. This class sets students up to form a solid understanding of contemporary movement and skills.


Contemporary Beginners

This is an extension of ‘Contemporary Preparation’ with moves that are slightly more complex. This is aimed at 10-14 year olds where students will develop their understanding of contemporary and challenge their abilities.


Contemporary Intermediate

This is an exam class that focuses on contemporary through a more technical lense. This class is for 12-15 year olds and requires a few years of previous dance experience. Students work on their technique through routines and exercises.


Contemporary Advanced

This is an open class aimed at 15-20 year olds however previous dance experience is recommended, students extend their abilities through complex routines in a fun and supportive environment.