Remix One

Is a fusion class for our younger dancers who are wanting to try out a range of styles and genres. This class is aimed at 3-5 year olds who love dancing and movement. This class allows kids a space to explore dance in a fun environment.


Remix Two

This class is aimed at 5-8 year olds with the intention of preparing them for hip hop whilst giving them a taste of other genres. This is a great foundation class for students wanting to have fun, build confidence and dance with friends without committing to a particular genre.


Hip Hop Beginners

Is our entry-level hip hop class, this is aimed at students from ages 8-11 years or anyone who is new to this dance style. This class is designed to teach the basics of hip hop as we explore a range of styles and principles.


Hip Hop Boys

Is a boys only class which is a more energetic, non-stop class. This class is similar to ‘Hip Hop Beginners’ but is a specific space created for our boys to go wild and try new things in a safe environment.


Hip Hop Intermediate

Is a step up from Beginners, this is for students who have experience in dance. This class offers more complex steps and routines and focuses on allowing students to develop their own style whilst building up their confidence.


Hip Hop Advanced

Is a challenging class for dancers who have had a number of years of dance experience. This classes focuses on performance techniques while blending many dance styles together with a hip hop flare.



Is an open class specifically designed for over 18 year olds who want to give dance a go. This is equally ideal for those with no dance experience and those who want to get back into dance. This class is a fun environment which allows you to let loose and have some fun!