Hip Hop & Mixed


Eternity Dance offers open hip hop classes from the beginning of primary through to adults. Our Hip-hop dance is a street dance style primarily performed to clean hip-hop music. We explore a range of hip hop styles from breaking to whacking as well as learning about flow, swag and musicality. All classes start with set warm ups and learn a range of dance routines throughout the year.

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Eternity Dance offers exam and open Jazz classes. We teach the NZAMD syllabus in our exam classes which consists of barre, floor and centre exercises that are performed to an examiner. Not all of our jazz classes sit exams so we also offer a range of open classes for different ages and abilities.

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At Eternity Dance we run open contemporary classes as well as NZAMD exam classes. Contemporary teaches students to understand the concepts of contemporary movement such as weight, flow, momentum, and the use of gravity, they continue to enjoy a sense of dance while focusing on freedom of movement and spatial awareness.